Touchless parking experience with Tagmaster

In recent years, there has been a huge growth of interaction with a range of technical systems, such as touch screens when ordering food, buttons in an elevator or when entering pin codes at the grocery store, to list just a few.
October 13, 2020


However, in a Covid-19 world, people are much more concerned about what they touch and how to avoid situations where there is a risk of catching or spreading virus. The car parking industry is a case in point. Now, everyone wants a smooth, touchless parking experience when entering, exiting, or paying at terminals.

One of the most used and cost-efficient, easy-to-use touchless technologies for parking and access control is long-range RFID readers. TagMaster hands-free RFID systems have been a key element in contributing to safer and healthier vehicle access solutions for over 25 years.

TagMaster’s long-range RFID solutions are completely hands-free, so drivers don’t have to touch any buttons, swipe any cards, or present any credential to an attendant or gate guard.

A touch-free RFID solution keeps people in their cars. Drivers don’t have to roll down their windows. All traditional distractions with key fobs, cards, or phone apps are eliminated. Furthermore, Tagmaster’s solutions were built with safety as a focus. Drivers don’t need to stop and interact with equipment or a person, something very comfortable and safe during early morning and after-hours access. They drive right through with their windows up and doors locked.

By installing a touchless parking system, employees, clients, and visitors will stay healthy, feel safe and get peace of mind. The trend of using touchless parking systems, such as TagMaster’s Long-Range RFID Readers, has already started but is now massively accelerating to become ‘the new normal’ in parking.

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