Check out IRD’s new look and capabilities

Visitors to IRD’s stand will notice a new look to the company’s brand here, the result of two main factors – the maturing of the ITS market and the company’s place within it. This refresh reflects a move from focusing on technological aspects to an emphasis on IRD’s purpose and what it stands for and delivers worldwide.
September 20, 2022
Rish Malhotra & Donna Bergan of IRD
Rish Malhotra & Donna Bergan of IRD

Rish Malhotra, president and CEO, explains. “Our brand refresh reflects real positives: that, with decades of global operations and hundreds of deployments behind them, our products are well known and trusted.”  

Rebranding aside, visitors will see just how wide-ranging IRD’s capabilities are and why it is at the forefront of the ITS industry.  

In June 2022, the Idaho Transportation Department signed a $2.2m contract with IRD for a mainline WIM and electronic pre-clearance system at a new port of entry facility on the I-84 — the sixth WIM site IRD has deployed in the State.  

In May, a $1.2m contract was awarded by the Illinois Tollway for the upgrade of existing WIM sites. The new Virtual WIM (VWIM) facilities will complement weight enforcement with vehicle over height and unsafe tyre detection.  

April brought on a $10.8m, four-year agreement from Indiana DOT that will result in the building, reconstruction, testing, and maintenance of 143 automated traffic recorder systems and 56 WIM and 23 VWIM systems.

IRD's new personality will align the company with both their customers and their own team members better than ever before. As Malhotra says, “By focusing on safety and sustainability, we project our voice more succinctly to our customers. Whether it’s through our advertising or through our messaging, there’s a fresh feel to IRD – one that doesn’t compromise on quality but instead focuses on what matters most: results and making a difference.”

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