Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision

July 22, 2020
Hikvision has added to its DeepinView camera line with what it calls the Dedicated subseries. The company says this loads a batch of artificial…
July 8, 2020
Trade fair for machine vision is cancelled - new date yet to be set
July 2, 2020
Hundreds of controllers for improved traffic coordination installed in Texan city
June 26, 2020
French authorities are using artificial intelligence to track face covering compliance
June 9, 2020
When you can’t meet customers face to face, it creates problems for all businesses. But Adam Hill finds that the control room tech sector has been…
June 3, 2020
The application of artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the performance of vision-based systems used for a wide and growing set of…
May 26, 2020
Nicolas Le Glatin, CEO of OpenSpace, explains to Adam Hill how the use of Xovis camera technology might help unlock more convenient ways for people…
May 22, 2020
If nothing else, the pandemic has taught us that our ideas about travel might need a rethink.  Wes Guckert at The Traffic Group suggests a few ways…
May 15, 2020
Tattile has announced the integration of its primary camera range with Milestone’s video management system (VMS).
May 11, 2020
Join Axis Communications to learn how the market is moving when it comes to AI/deep learning and edge computing for various transportation situations…