Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision

August 29, 2023
Miovision One offers a 'unified interface for a seamless user experience', firm says
August 29, 2023
Two Beep shuttles operate at the SunTrax test facility in Auburndale, Florida
August 28, 2023
AGD650 is a dual zone, stop-line detector which will 'continue to evolve'
August 28, 2023
Orange County Transit Authority funds five-year deal in City of La Habra, California
August 25, 2023
Camera has 'unparalleled levels of performance and accuracy', manufacturer says
August 24, 2023
ITS applications can benefit from automatic or remote adjustment of FoV and focus
August 23, 2023
Detectors will distinguish between cars, vans, small and large trucks, bicycles and motorbikes
August 23, 2023
Next year's Conference & Expo comes to Arizona in April at the Phoenix Convention Center
August 15, 2023
World Challenge for Self-Driving Transportation focuses on buses this year
August 4, 2023
Signal retiming programmes and ITS architecture updates are among the deals