June 13, 2024
Technology is always changing in the traffic management sector. Tobias Deubel of Jenoptik talks to Adam Hill about the past, the future – and the…
June 11, 2024
'Deploying Today, Empowering Tomorrow' is theme of ITS America-hosted event
June 10, 2024
Traffic and travel information product also offers safety scores on driver behaviour
June 10, 2024
Thermal imaging and artificial intelligence analytics provide the best path towards preventing deadly auto accidents, explains Stefaan Pinck of Flir
June 7, 2024
New category designed 'to celebrate and elevate the increasing impact of women' in ITS
June 6, 2024
Every year, Transport for London helps make billions of road journeys congestion-free - but could it do better? Digital twin and graph technology are…
June 4, 2024
Riders in Senegal's capital can use Calypso cards, contactless tickets and QR code tickets
May 31, 2024
All Theia’s lenses are able to identify plates at a variety of speeds and distances
May 29, 2024
Brazilian state will use iRAP methodology to assess safety of its highway network
May 28, 2024
US city has been replacing ageing meters with solar-powered pay-by-plate stations