July 4, 2022
Emphasis on pedestrians as US safety group admits: 'What we're doing isn't working'
July 1, 2022
AutoGreen has also been incorporated as standard and now supports pedestrian crossings
June 30, 2022
Software framework is aimed at automotive perception engineers integrating thermal cameras
June 28, 2022
Four-day event in November 2022 brings together five US ITS societies in Georgia
June 22, 2022
Use of electric E-Transit vans will determine impact of speed limiting to improve safety
June 17, 2022
First safety reports now available for SAE Level 2 and Levels 3-5 automated driving systems
June 17, 2022
The one-year project sees Rekor One used to improve data access and road safety
June 16, 2022
Technology includes Horus integrated traffic and infrastructure management platform
June 14, 2022
US research shows that high visibility is factor in reducing dangerous driving behaviours
June 10, 2022
Mobile and fixed-speed and red-light solutions will be on show at Traffex