June 8, 2021
Categories include connected vehicles, excellence in R&D and smart transport infrastructure
June 4, 2021
Company is long-term supplier of dynamic message signs to Caltrans
June 3, 2021
Vehicle is equipped with six ONVIF-compliant HD cameras and offers 360-degree field of view
May 28, 2021
Smart city project run by Envision will use Sony's IMX500 image sensors with AI processing
May 27, 2021
Ertico and City of Hamburg have 'growing certainty and confidence' in face-to-face event
May 21, 2021
UAM will be a key component of the programme in summer next year, says Ertico
May 20, 2021
Child Health Initiative global ambassador Zoleka Mandela says: 'Above 30 is a death sentence'
May 19, 2021
There are too many deaths where road and rail intersect: Virginie Taillandier, smart level crossing project manager at French rail group SNCF,…
May 13, 2021
Idemia pledges to make life safer for VRUs with new products based around existing technology, Jean-Paul Baldacci tells Adam Hill
May 12, 2021
Solar-powered pedestrian crossing system can be used for mid-block applications