GIS/ Mapping & Location Based Systems

April 19, 2024
Traffic Signal Management platform will be deployed across city’s University District
April 17, 2024
Company also recently supplied contactless payment options on transit in Pennsylvania
April 15, 2024
Haas will deliver in-car safety messages from Monotch’s TLEX-based national platform
April 15, 2024
Interest in Vehicle to Everything technology is intensifying, says Przemysław Krokosz at Mobica, although it still requires a critical mass of users…
April 12, 2024
Detroit's redeveloped railway station will be one of stops on new AV route in city
April 11, 2024
Over 18 million people use ride-hailing apps in the UK alone, says Mariusz Zabrocki of Freenow
April 9, 2024
Vision AI and data analytics providers say this will improve insights for transit authorities
April 9, 2024
Laura Chace, president & CEO of ITS America, talks to Adam Hill about knowledge gaps, Phoenix, the pace of change, digitalisation, AI - and the…
April 8, 2024
Six organisations including Tisa, Datex II, Napcore and C-Roads join new agreement
April 8, 2024
Mass transit ridership is getting back onto its feet after the dent which Covid put into the use of public transport. Now we need to continue that…