GIS/ Mapping & Location Based Systems

September 5, 2022
Caltrans, USDoT's Carma and Aecom & Spoke will all be available for delegates to see
September 2, 2022
Agreement with European Space Agency will look at innovative tech for positioning
September 1, 2022
The ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles runs from 18-22 September
August 24, 2022
The project will use proprietary shared road management platform that connects with GPS providers
August 23, 2022
Data group's partnership with Roadside Telematics Corp will help first responders
August 17, 2022
ScootSafe Academy platform aimed at users who have been reported for unsafe riding
August 15, 2022
Shared mobility autonomous shuttle runs in partnership with MnDoT and Aecom
August 11, 2022
Los Angeles ITS World Congress schedule includes strong emphasis on equity in transport
August 11, 2022
Fourth annual Traffic4cast congestion prediction competition seeks AI expertise
August 5, 2022
Climate change and sustainability are focus of IRF Geneva's third annual summit on 28 September