GIS/ Mapping & Location Based Systems

March 5, 2021
Geely expects to start launching this year for autonomous vehicles and V2X comms
March 3, 2021
Joseph Jackson Ngo Hong of Robert Bosch offers thoughts on the future of connected mobility
March 2, 2021
V2X is critical to enhancing smart traffic management services, Juniper Research finds
March 1, 2021
Solutions include GPS, axle weights and ADAS which gives collision warnings
February 19, 2021
IoT platform can help autonomous trucks improve interaction with other road users
February 2, 2021
Cars can drive on specific roads up to 45 miles per hour - but not in fog or heavy rain
February 1, 2021
OS has been integrated at research group's smart mobility test centre in Michigan
January 25, 2021
Virtual sensors will allow a safer driving experience and reduce road maintenance costs. Tactile Mobility’s Eitan Grosbard talks to David Arminas…
January 25, 2021
Getting rid of misleading or confusing road markings will be vital for safe AV operation
January 19, 2021
Transit's app will help passengers make decisions about socially-distanced journeys