Lime and Citymapper find each other

Mapping firm and micromobility provider have linked up in 21 global cities
Mobility as a Service / December 22, 2020
By Ben Spencer
Lime says the Citymapper pass will provide users with £10 of Lime ride credits per week (© Thebrodsk |
Citymapper pass will provide London users with £10 of Lime ride credits per week (© Thebrodsk |

Lime has entered a partnership that will allow people using Citymapper to locate its electric bikes and scooters in 21 cities including London, San Francisco and Paris. 

The partners are hoping to aid the recovery of sustainable transport in cities as Covid-19 restrictions ease. 

In a blog post, Lime says “tens of millions” of commuters rely on the Citymapper app to get to work all over the world, with more expected as Covid-19 lockdowns ease. 

The integration will encourage sustainable modes of transport as life gets closer to normal next year, the company adds. 

Sara Lannin, head of business development at Lime, says: “Lime will offer Citymapper users a safe, sustainable and socially-distant option to make short trips, or to combine with public transit for longer distances.”

As part of the deal, Citymapper’s 'Super Duper' Pass in London will now include Lime as its exclusive electric micromobility provider. 

The pass is aimed at regular commuters, providing users with £10 of Lime ride credits per week - approximately four free rides - to connect them to transport hubs across the UK capital.

Alex Thomas, partnerships lead at Citymapper says: “Users can now view their cycle and scooter trips routes alongside public transport options in the Citymapper app, and then be guided to their destination in real time with our turn-by-turn directions.”

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