Q-Free launches Kinetic Counts in UK

Software can classify vehicles by weight, number of axles and vehicle type
Enforcement / July 20, 2023
By Adam Hill
Data collection traffic monitoring vehicle type © AlenaKravchenko | Dreamstime.com
'Actionable insights' to detect traffic trends (© AlenaKravchenko | Dreamstime.com)

Q-Free has made the first deployment of its Kinetic Counts traffic monitoring software - part of the Kinetic Mobility platform - in five local authorities in the UK.

The company says Counts will provide "actionable insights on volume, road use, and safety data to detect traffic trends, influence funding and policies, and identify the need for road repair or expansion".

The county of Worcestershire has the most sites - 62 - and the software will produce data and analytics for city planners on vehicle, cycle and pedestrian use.

Counts can classify vehicles by weight, number of axles and vehicle type, so can be used for enforcement against overweight vehicles. 

It can be integrated with agencies' existing Q-Free Hi-Trac data collection sites.

“Kinetic Counts can collect data from any hardware source with third-party integration," says Thomas Greene, Q-Free UK sales manager.

“It’s easy to add to existing systems, and agencies don’t have to start from scratch. In addition, it complements Q-Free’s hardware so that we can offer a holistic, end-to-end solution to reduce costs, streamline operations, and deliver a future-proof product that can grow with the needs of our clients.”

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