IRD launches smart city analytics platform

Data from vehicles, bikes and pedestrians can be used to cut congestion and emissions
Classification & Data Collection / February 12, 2021
IRD subsidiary Icoms Detections provides analytic capabilities on traffic data from vehicles, bikes and pedestrians
IRD subsidiary Icoms Detections provides analytic capabilities on traffic data from vehicles, bikes and pedestrians (© IRD)

International Road Dynamics (IRD), a Quarterhill company, has announced the launch of a web-based analytics platform for IRD subsidiary Icoms Detections' TMA-3B3 bicycle sensors, I-Safe radar speed signs and TMS-SA non-intrusive vehicle counter/classifiers.

The new software platform can also be adapted to collect data from third-party sensors and is designed to support smart city solutions by enabling data analysis for multiple sensor models.

"This analytics platform enables our customers to collect, manage and analyse vehicle, bike and pedestrian data using an easy-to-use web-based interface," said Rish Malhotra, president and CEO of IRD. 

"Our new platform will be deployed in a large Canadian city that is participating in a smart cities pilot project with a goal of fusing data from multiple sensors and data sources to enhance safety for cyclists.”

“This product launch reflects IRD's commitment to innovation and to expanding our suite of software applications. We will continue to invest in products and applications that position us to capitalise on the emerging growth opportunities at the intersection of technology and infrastructure."

"We are very pleased to have already signed up customers in France and Belgium that are interested in using the analytics platform to monitor connected sensors," said Etienne Van den Bogaert, Icoms managing director. 

"We have received very positive feedback on our first installation in the Netherlands and expect to grow this network of connected sensors substantially in 2021. We see adoption of such solutions growing as cities work to meet their environmental objectives and make streets safer for cyclists and other vulnerable road users."

Icoms’ TMA-3B3 bicycle sensors may be connected over cellular networks

Icoms' microwave sensors and radar speed signs equipped with optional 3G/4G modems are able to transfer data via cellular networks. Using the new analytics platform, data is uploaded to a server in near real time and may be viewed using a web-browser.

Alternatively, data from sites may be downloaded in standard spreadsheet formats. This provides transportation professionals with an easy way to acquire device data remotely from multiple locations.

Dashboards display data from cellular-connected sensors 

The dashboard views available within the platform offer quick analysis in the form of charts for selected time periods. The traffic reports cover speed, volume and direction. Graphs for the bicycle sensors and radar speed signs include binned speed ranges, while the TMS-SA classifier display includes charts showing the breakdown of traffic by length class.

IRD Icoms
Quick analysis in the form of charts for selected time periods is provided by the platform

Icoms Detections

Icoms Detections is a leading designer and manufacturer of microwave sensors for road traffic management for over 25 years. Icoms is IRD's centre of excellence for all radar technologies providing products to enhance road safety and mobility worldwide.

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