Mobility as a Service

February 8, 2024
ITSUP spotlights young companies to potential partners, customers and investors
February 5, 2024
Focus includes connected, cooperative & automated mobility, plus sustainability and MaaS
February 2, 2024
15 entries across three awards have been recognised for their innovation in mobility
January 25, 2024
Geofencing controls where scooters are ridden and how fast they can travel in Kogarah
January 24, 2024
Judging panel announced for 4th edition of Empower Women in Shared Mobility
January 23, 2024
New contract with Transdev in Portugal comes on heels of a big expansion in Spain
January 18, 2024
Routes will link to transport hubs to ensure more comprehensive mobility for people
January 16, 2024
Key to decarbonisation is "revitalisation of public transportation use", says city mayor
January 12, 2024
We're asking ITS and transportation leaders to give us the heads-up on where mobility is headed in 2024 and beyond. Nick Mackie, head of urban…
January 11, 2024
Companies operate primarily in Europe and have combined revenues of €250m