May 17, 2024
Rapidly-growing city of Cebu needs to ease traffic congestion and improve road safety
May 17, 2024
JTA Research Lab has been created to identify critical transportation policy questions, and get academics to help solve them. Pencils sharpened?…
May 15, 2024
Established under Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, scheme funds $500m in grants over five years
May 13, 2024
It uses two proprietary AI models developed from millions of Flir-captured images
May 10, 2024
Acquisition of One.network by Causeway Technologies enhances product portfolios
May 8, 2024
Firm will roll out more of its systems for real-world data collection in Georgia city
May 2, 2024
The effects of Covid are still being felt. David Arminas considers how the pandemic has affected toll revenue on Seattle’s newish SR99 tunnel – and…
May 1, 2024
Nevada state capital will install AI-powered hybrid sensors at its intersections
April 29, 2024
Timestamps on critical ITS data allow organisations to drive additional insights
April 25, 2024
Maryland Parkway Bus project received $150m from the US government