Axis: why the IP camera is the ultimate traffic sensor

September 7, 2020


Axis Communications, a leader in IP traffic solutions, has launched a new eBook called The Ultimate Traffic Sensor that discusses the benefits of using video-based solutions for traffic management.

The free eBook takes readers through the value of leveraging the power of networked devices, like the IP camera, to provide valuable insight to what’s happening on the road.

Anthony Incorvati, segment development manager for transportation at Axis, says: “In this new eBook, I explain why the IP camera is the ‘ultimate traffic sensor’.  With the open nature of the camera now coupled with AI accelerator chip technology, the IP camera is clearly a platform for growth for the ITS environment”.

The eBook explores how IP cameras are now powerful computers equipped with lenses and are no longer the simple image-capture devices that they once were. With the open platform from Axis, 3rd party developers, like Citilog and others, are enabled to create ITS-specific applications on the cameras, such as automatic incident detection, license plate recognition, or wrong-way detection. Combine these analytics with high-quality video and you have the ultimate sensor working to turn raw data into useful intelligence.

Download the eBook to learn how network video-based solutions are the ultimate traffic sensor. This is a valuable resource and should be considered for anyone in ITS that is looking to gain a deeper understanding of how their sensors can play a key role in the traffic situations they manage.

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