Intercomp places WIM sensors in Ukraine

Intercomp, manufacturer of portable vehicle weighing and measurement products, has announced the selection of its Weigh In Motion (WIM) Strip Sensors for commercial vehicle enforcement in the Ukraine.
November 17, 2020
Intercomp ITSWC2


Based on proven strain gauge technology, which is widely recognised as the most accurate means to weigh a vehicle, the WIM sensors were selected because of the technology’s inherent accuracy, temperature stability, and ease of calibration and operation over time. Already employed in hundreds of WIM sites in the region, the sensors also have international OIML R134 certification as validation of their performance.

The virtual WIM systems’ roadside equipment and WIM software will be provided by Saskatoon, Canada-based International Road Dynamics, (IRD), a company experienced with providing integrated WIM solutions throughout the world.  “Intercomp is excited to add this project to our existing partnership with IRD, building on our extensive experience with strain gauge scales and sensors which provide the integrator the best possible value for WIM data,” states Jon Arnold, market specialist at Intercomp.

The sensors operate in pairs installed in the roadway surface, enabling rapid installation, calibration, and low-maintenance operation over time.  Intercomp is a US-based company with offices throughout the world and has been manufacturing weight and measurement devices for over 40 years.

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