Caltrans district 03 cites benefits of MG Squared CLDs

The TMC Team at Caltrans District 03, have successfully deployed numerous camera lowering devices (CLDs) from MG Squared (MG2).
October 13, 2020


According to Caltrans, the motivation behind their implementation of the MG2 lowering devices include ground level camera maintenance which enhances the safety of both technicians and road users by eliminating the need for lane/shoulder closures and a boom truck for access. Also, pole heights can be extended well beyond a typical bucket truck, enhancing situational awareness without compromising maintainability. In contrast to other Caltrans locations utilising a traditional high mast (Halo) light fixture device to lower cameras for access, the MG2 CLD allows ancillary devices to be mounted to the camera pole beneath the camera providing more ITS functionality of the pole.

A few notable locations within Caltrans District 3 reaping the benefits of the MG2 CLD include  I-5/Metro Air Parkway Interchange Improvement; Route 50; Route 80; and Route 99.  

MG squared fullWhile these particular installations have been on 50ft and 60ft poles, Caltrans has future plans for a custom pole up to 90ft with the potential to allow as many as three CLDs per pole. This can be very helpful when using microwave to daisy chain communications with the camera.

“Caltrans has some remarkable – forward thinking and innovative transportation engineers – that without such, none of this would be happening,” says MG2 VP Martin Maners. “Local distributor, JAM Services, has provided excellent support to both Caltrans and contractors.”

“We have enjoyed partnering with MG2 on several projects in Caltrans District 03,” says Kelly Momaney, JAM Services sales manager. “As a family owned business ourselves, we appreciate the hands-on and thorough support we have received, including the ingenuity of the MG2 staff to meet specific custom needs for various applications. Their willingness to adjust their standard products to accommodate the Caltrans’ specific requests is something you do not see with some larger manufacturers.”

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