August 4, 2023
Sensor can be used to aid traffic management and advanced automotive applications
August 1, 2023
Australian road safety company says trailer units will be positioned on selected highways
July 31, 2023
Lightweight Vehicle to Everything device designed to be fitted to micromobility vehicles
July 7, 2023
Theia’s 4K lenses are designed for use in high-detail imaging tasks
July 6, 2023
Technical inspection association gives thumbs up to TRP-4010 and OBU-5310
July 4, 2023
Firm will design and install signage for Welsh city's new 32km/h (20mph) urban speed limit
July 3, 2023
Solution uses permanent signal equipment as temporary during scheme deployment phase
June 29, 2023
AI-enabled ARM processor will 'massively' increase computing power at intersections
June 26, 2023
Bridge Collision Detection system rolled out in Israel with toll operator Drive Group